Traffic Marshal and Banksman are two terms that describe the person who directs traffic on a construction site. The worker who wants to become a traffic marshal must complete a course in order to be authorized to do such a job. Whether he works with a normal road car, a heavy goods vehicle or a plant machinery, his responsibilities remain the same as long as he attended the traffic marshal course and is certified. Learners should refresh their knowledge every year to become aware of new rules and regulations.

The objectives of the Traffic Marshal course are for workers:

  • To learn all the construction regulations regarding traffic management
  • To learn what accident prevention is
  • To learn all the safety signs from the construction site
  • To learn what risk management for directing vehicles is
  • To learn how to identify dangerous operations like reversing
  • To learn how to do a hazard analysis
  • To learn how to take safety measures for pedestrians and site staff in areas where vehicles are reversing
  • To learn the HSE recommended hand signals
  • To learn what safety access for vehicles is
  • To learn both the employers’ and the employees’ legal obligations and responsibilities
  • To learn who is allowed on a construction site
  • To learn everything about health and safety on a construction site
  • To learn about the necessary protective personal equipment (PPE)